Highway Design

The Highway Design teams within the Project Development Branch prepare the Plans, Specification, and Estimate (PS&E) packages within CFLHD. The following resources are for the use of our designers and consultants to develop those packages.

Design Process

The following resources describe the design process within CFLHD:

  • PDDM - the FLH Project Development and Design Manual (PDDM) provides current policies and guidance for the interdisciplinary project development and design related activities performed by Federal Lands Highway (FLH) Divisions and their Consultants.
  • CFLHD Supplements - the CFLHD Supplements to the PDDM provide additional information detailing standard practices, guidance, and criteria that pertain to the development of projects within CFLHD.

Design and Plan Creation


  • Standard Specifications (FP) - the Standard Specifications for Construction of Roads and Bridges on Federal Highway Projects (FP) is used for construction of roadway projects in CFLHD. This site also contains other specification resources.
  • Library of Specifications - these specifications supplement the FP for projects within CFLHD.

Engineer's Estimates

  • Engineer's Estimate - tools and guidelines for developing the Engineer's Estimate
  • Engineer's Estimate System - information about the Engineer's Estimate program in FLH.
  • EEBACS - information about the new, web-based Engineer Estimating, Bidding, Award, Construction System (EEBACS) that FLH is beginning to gradually implement.
  • CFLHD Engineer's Estimate Manual - A guide to the standard procedure for preparation, review, and updating of the Engineer's Estimate.


Some additional highway design resources are:

  • Forms - forms for use in completing a PS&E package.
  • Tools and Guidance - miscellaneous CFLHD design tools and design guidelines
  • Library - other manuals and resources used in Highway Design