Colorado > CO PFH 80-1(1) & 2(2) GUANELLA 2003

Road Construction Update

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11,667 ft on Guanella Pass looking at Mt. Bierstadt

Bighorn Ram

Last Revised: 8-29-2014

Phase 1 of the Guanella Pass Road reconstruction project is complete.

This project began in January of 2004 with the construction of the 7th Street Bridge in Georgetown, CO under the Phase 1 contract CO PFH 80-1(1)&2(2). In May of 2004 the bridge was completed and Phase 1 construction activities officially began on Guanella Pass Road. The Phase 1 work began at the start of Shelf Road south of Geneva Basin in Park County and traveled 9 miles to the Xcel Cabin Creek Hydroelectric Plant in Cleer Creek County.

The construction contract for Phase 1was awarded to American Civil Constructors from Littleton, CO on January 8, 2004 for the contract amount of $20,114,704.40. - Supplemental Site

Planning and Design Contact Information:

Project Manager Chuck Luedders
Mailing Address Central Federal Lands Highway Division
Attn: Chuck Luedders
12300 West Dakota Avenue
Lakewood, CO   80228
Phone 720-963-3725
Fax 720.963.3596

Construction Contact Information:

Const. Manager Kevin Black
Mailing Address 12300 West Dakota Avenue Lakewood, CO 80228
Phone (720)963-3409
Fax (720)963-3437