About 30 percent of the land in the United States falls under the jurisdiction of the Federal government. The Federal Lands Highway Program provides funding for a coordinated system of public roads on that land which is not the responsibility of state or local government.

The Central Federal Lands Highway Division (CFLHD) operates as part of the Federal Lands Highway Program, serving the needs of the central United States, Hawaii, and American Somoa. CFLHD actively administers the surveying, design and construction of forest highway system roads, parkways and park roads, Indian reservation roads, defense access roads, and other Federal lands roads. CFLHD also provides training, technology, deployment, engineering services, and products to other customers.

Federal Lands Highway Program The Federal Lands Highway (FLH) Program works in cooperation with Federal Land management agencies to plan, design, construct, and rehabilitate highways and bridges on federally owned lands. This includes forest highways, public lands highways, park roads, parkways, refuge roads, and Indian reservation roads.

FLH roads serve recreational travel and tourism, protect and enhance natural resources, provide sustained economic development in rural areas, and provide needed transportation access for Native Americans. Overall, FLH provides funding for more than 90,000 miles of federally owned and public authority owned roads which serve Federal lands.

The agency also directs the conduct of transportation planning and engineering studies, and administers the Emergency Relief program for Federally Owned roads (ERFO). The FLH field organization consists of three divisions: Western (WFL) located in Vancouver, Washington; Central (CFL) located in Lakewood, CO; and Eastern (EFL) located in Sterling, Virginia. The FLH is a Core Business Unit of the Federal Highway Administration.